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Our Approach

The mission of SW Therapeutic Services Inc. is to be the choice providers for people experiencing mental and behavioral health challenges. We provide a safe, comfortable, supportive atmosphere for prevention and treatment of a wide range of mental and behavioral health issues. We work to empower others to take responsibility for growth and change, and guide them in their choice to live healthier lives.  Moreover, we strive to increase awareness and the ability to manage mental health issues to the community.

Our Story

SW Therapeutic Services Inc. provides mental health and behavioral health services to individuals, couples, and families. SW Therapeutic Services Inc. provides treatment, prevention and support services for challenges that include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger management, behavioral problems at home and school, academic performance, work place issues, loss and grief, self esteem, trauma, adjustment issues, and more.  This is accomplished through psychotherapy with our skilled clinicians.  Moreover, we aim to increase awareness of mental health to families, communities, and organizations.  We are available to facilitate workshops, retreats, and training for your organization.

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Dr. Shannon Williams, President and CEO


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