Mental Matters


Mental Wellness Toolkit

Sometimes life's challenges can be difficult.

Here are few thing that you can do on your own to manage those challenges.  Remember to always consult your physician before beginning any program and seek professional mental health services if your challenges cause distress.

1. Proper Nutrition...Research suggests that proper
nutrition will support healthy mental wellness.
2. Exercise Regularly....Regular exercise can have a positive
effect on stress, depression, anxiety and more.
3. Sleep....Sleep is considered an important factor in mental
illness. While sleep is a symptom of many disorders, it is
also a contributing factor in the manifestation of mental
health disorders. At minimum, lack of sleep may result in
crankiness, difficulty concentration and remembering.
4. Reduce your stress....stress has been linked to many mental health disorders. Stress can exacerbate symptoms or cause them to become manifest,
5. Participate in activities that are pleasurable...Fun leisure activities can promote mental
wellness. It creates opportunity for smiling and laughter. Laughter increases endorphin released in your brain that make you feel good. Laughter is a short term fix, so laugh often.
6. Develop a supportive social network...Social support has been found to avert symptoms of mental illness and support mental wellness.
7. Practice effective coping skills....meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and yoga, are just a few techniques that you can practice for managing stress.
8. Think Positive...Thinking positive can lead to happiness and hope. Instead of thinking about the worse thing that can happen in your circumstances, ask yourself "What is the best thing that could happen?"

If your challenges are overwhelming, effecting your daily routine, interfering with your family and social relationships and work, and impacting your overall mental wellness, consider seeking professional assistance.